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Cannabis Genetics
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Cannabis genetics refers to the male and female combination used to create one type of cannabis.

Feminized Cannabis Genetics

Feminized cannabis genetics refers to a cannabis plant that will not produce any male aspects. No male plants are produced during growth. Feminized genetics are especially designed for indoor cannabis cultivation.

Feminized cannabis genetics is arguably genetically modified marijuana. Feminized seeds are hard to produce. Select female clones and male pollen are integrated. Many secret patented techniques can be employed. The claim to fame is 100% female cannabis plants.

Sinsemilla Cannabis Genetics

A marijuana plant is not allowed to pollinate. All male traces are removed. The resulting female plant will produce more trichromes, THC and CBD. Meaning more potent cannabis genetics are formed. Usually more plant energy is sunk into the seed production. Now the energy goes into the bud production flowering stage of growth or namely the calyx. The cannabis plant can now produce bigger calyxes. This in turn generates more cannabinoids. Natural genetically modified cannabis now grows more potent every year.


The cannabis family consists of three species named  indica, sativa and ruderalis. Cannabis indica is generally a small plant with large fat leaves producing potent marijuana in the CBD category characterized with more of a high body buzz feeling. Cannabis sativa is generally a larger plant with longer slender leaves. When consumed the effects are giving off a stoned feeling and more of a head buzz. Cannabis ruderalis is a small plant, less potent and flowers from age not growing conditions. Growing marijuana techniques of today involve crossing all three species. Genetic diversity has now developed specific individual plants like Haze, Kush, Skunk, and Northern Lights Marijuana.

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